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Born in Manhattan, New York City

Grandmothers Love, Pueblo de las Vacchas tristes, First Take, etc...Switzerland


Peter Wollbrandt and Jan Fride Wollbrandt (Kraan) Germany.
Various bands and studio recordings. Switzerland
Jazz School St. Gallen CH


Half Moon Cut USA
Musicians Institute, Hollywood CA

Hoochie Coo with David Glick and Johnny Angel Scaglione (Talas) USA
EGG with Dan Blanzy and Callum Benepe
LAPD with Nucci Solazzo, Danny Merritt, Mark White and Steve De Marchi
Ant Bee with Mothers of Invention USA


Recordings, tours and concerts with:

Just Two, Saft, Elias Bernet, Nuuk, Freda Goodlett, Mr. Mmmmhhhh, Kalpana Rao, Birds of Paradise, Get Wet, Christine Lauterburg, Fundamental Groove Family, Gerhard Gabriel, Los Grecos, Saihou, Jimmy Skizzo, Gee K, Holiday Bluegrass Jam, Heloiza & Pau de Lei, Mizan, BBFrances, Wait & See, Donmax, members of Kraan, Overhead, Urs C. Eigenmann, Malcolm Green, Ceravolo Brothers, Reggie Saunders, Permanent Party, Cesar & Go West, Myron, Andy Egert, Dalls Hodge, Days of Yonder, Red Cube, Off & Out, The $elfies, Phil Gates, Karl Frierson & Soulprint...

US-Speaker for:

Head, Leica, DRS3, Radio Argovia...

Marc plays:
Tino Tedesco, MTD, Fender and Tune Basses
Hartke and Markbass Amps


Bass Lessons
AI / AR / SG
For Bass lessons please
contact me